The Off-Season

Everyone has one….. A season of taking a rest, focusing on personal matters, and refocusing for the next season… We are no different. I started this company when I was not even able to legally drink, and three years later, we are at a point I never imagined. I am proud of the progress, and humbled by the support, and I hope in this coming year we do not disappoint.

I’ve received a lot of questions as to the direction of this company and what we are going to do next… The answer is more complicated than you might imagine. So here are some updates:

MOMENTUM - This fly rod is highly anticipated and we know that, and are working hard to make sure it is up to the quality you deserve, and at a price you can afford. We have halted our overseas production for the time being, to focus on making rods here in Arkansas. That means finding a new supplier and producer, as we are still not able to financially invest in mandrels, graphite presses, and ovens for making graphite. With that being said, there are two producers of graphite blanks her in Arkansas; ArkRod and RevRod in the North Arkansas area. Both have been contacted about producing our fly rods. We have been in contact with ArkRod and they have been testing blanks and mandrels to fit our design and specs for this fly rod blank.

For those of you that have pre-ordered a momentum rod, we are working hard to meet your expectations, and will go above and beyond what was originally promised, to include a new product, the rod box, as well as a batch of a dozen flies professionally tied. You are not forgotten, and you will be the first to be taken care of.

THE ROD BOX - If you know me personally, you know I am very conceptual, imaginative, and I make my visions come to fruition one way or another. I have been searching for a new way to package and store rods. I have finally landed on a product to ship, protect, and store a Woodard Rod. It will be called the Rod Box, made of recycled wood, with a humidity regulator, and felted rod sections to hold your rod sections. This will be an add-on for all orders, and will be constructed by me personally. I will post a picture of the final product as soon as possible.

FILMS - With the success of the film Fly Fish Arkansas, we have been scratching our heads to plan out the next feature documentary on the Ozarks Fly Fishing Scene. On March 1st at 8pm, we will go live on social media to share that with you. I guarantee it will be a film that changes the way the world views the Ozarks, forever. In the meantime, please subscribe to our Youtube channel to get access to our releases as they become available -

I’d like to announce some new business partnerships for this upcoming season as well:

Smith Optics, Fayettechill, Cheeky Fishing

We are proud of the support the community has shown last year, and look forward to another strong year here at Woodard Rod Company.

With Respect,

Benjamin Woodard


Momentum -

A completely customizable fly rod. 3 through 8 weight fast action graphite. Multiple Lengths, Cork Grade, Reel Seat, Fighting Butt, And engraving all built to fit you, the angler. Because we believe that a fly rod should be an effortless extension of your angling abilities, and the momentum fly rod is just that.

Shipping Spring 2019

Launching on Kickstarter soon for $200.00. Retails 329.00.








This Year

Hey everybody

I apologize I have not been more active in posting in this blog. The constant onslaughts of this past winter and the flurry of spring activities have kept me and this company busy. But enough with that, lets get down to business.

2018 is shaping up to be the biggest year for us, which is of course good for the future of this company and more importantly the communities we embellish and support.

So far, this is what we have done;

  • Sold 186 Fly Rods in 20 Months of business.

  • Re- Invested 48% of profit into the Film Fly Fish Arkansas, and 50% of Profit into advancements in rod designs and nano-hexial graphite testing for a new fly rod débuting in fall 2018.

  • Fly Fish Arkansas premièred in March of 2018 in Fayetteville and had an attendance of ~145 people. Another première was hosted in Springfield, with another turnout nearing one hundred. A third première was hosted in cotter, benefitting the humane society. To Date, we have a combined viewing of 15,654 People both online (in the two weeks its been up-including commercials), and at a première.

  • This film has caused 128 congratulatory emails, over 86 shares, 542 likes, multiple new business partnerships, hundreds of conversations, and my favorite - 1 classroom showing of the film to students in public school.

  • In addition to the social media exposure, we had three articles done prior to the première. One in Fayetteville, one on the State of Arkansas' website, and one in Oklahoma.

  • We've welcomed 8 New Pro Staff to our team, and this list keep's growing.

  • We've added two new dealers this year in Arkansas as well

  • We have three more projects this year in the works, with a big release of a new fly rod - The Momentum.

  • The Momentum Project will be released on Kickstarter for a special price of $250.00 (MSRP $359.00).  All corking, wrapping, assembly, and design will be here in Arkansas. It will couple with a release of our sister company (coming this summer), and a clothing line dedicated to the Ozarks.

I'd also like to celebrate the nature of our business with National Small Business Week. Ice the code NSBW at checkout for 20% off your purchase.

And to think, were not even halfway done with the year. I look forward to the future, and the moments we will share on the water together.

Until Next Time,


Benjamin Woodard










Fly Fish Arkansas

Hey everybody!

Hope you all have been busy netting big fish and finding new friends on the river.

We have been running our pre sale now for about a week and are very excited about the future of this company here in Arkansas and beyond. We have introduced 3 more rods for pre sale with a restock of 6 weights on sale as well. We have received a LOT of good reviews for the pinnacle and the diamond state is still proving strong against the big numbers our customers and pro staff are putting up on their local rivers.


The filming of Fly Fish Arkansas is going great. We have just about wrapped up our filming on the White, and are hitting the Little Red Friday. If you see us up on the river this week, be sure to say hey! You may even end up on Camera.


I'd also like to say thank you for everyone's support through this process of growing an idea to a company, you have been very patient with our growing pains. It isa time and money consuming struggle but the end goal is the same as every fly fisher in this business - to see the world, full of fly fishers and conservationists, sharing the passion for the outdoors through the bend of a fly rod.


Until next time,


Ben Woodard

As Summer Ends we look forward

Hey everybody. Long time no talk. We've been busy here at WRC. As you've probably heard the pinnacle rods are in hand and fishing well. I am excited to announce officially that the White River, Little Red, and March Brown are set to ship in November. As you know, we will be doing a pre sale on these rods, which will be up and announced Sept. 1st. You may be thinking, that's a long time from now, but I assure you it's not because were slow at work. Were nailing it all down and designing them perfectly to fit the needs of every angler. Perfection does not happen over night.  The designs and descriptions are up to view now! And we look forward to bringing them to you ASAP.

In other news, we start filming the project "Fly Fish Arkansas." in September and continue filming through October. We will be fishing and filming on the White, Little Red, Caddo, and Little Missouri River. Using Straight out of Cotter, Riding River Guides, Beau's Guide Service, and Southern Fly Outfitters.  It will be a documentary on fly fishing the state of Arkansas. I am very pleased to announce the partnership between us, Alpen Reel Co., and Free Fly Apparel. We will be fishing their stuff hard over the months and look forward to bringing you content from those brands. Go check em out!


Thanks for reading and tight lines! -



Spring Fishing

Hope everyone is enjoying the pleasant weather while out on the water. We are still working on the rods, and will have them to you as soon as possible.

In other news, we want to welcome Robert Hopkins to the position of Marketing Director, and look forward to what he brings to the table. He is a Missouri boy that has been fly fishing for various different species of fish since he was young. As we grow and get busier and take over new territories, we needed someone to fill the role of handling social accounts and pro applications. Robert was the guy for the job, and will handle it like he handles his trout- Carefully.

We have come to a point in our company where we are coming upon a point of expansion and recognition. That is great news for you, and hopefully we can deliver, and with our new found talents on ambassador and pro staff, I don't think that will be an issue. I want to welcome Nic Heinemann, Chad Shelton, Tyler Dykes, Clayton Sansoucie, Mark and Tom Malkowicz, and Owen Vannoy. We are very pleased with our selection and will be taking more applications shortly. We appreciate the patience from our customers on waiting for a great product. Good things come to those who wait, and you ask anyone, our rods are worth the wait

Thanks and God Bless,


Ben Woodard


Pinnacle Series

Well fellow fisherman, We have done it again... Introduced something at a price no one else can match. A 'Made in the USA' Rod for $219.00 (+$8 shipping). Blue with a white reel seat, black wrappings on the guides, with some custom art work on the cork handle to add a special touch. Pictures will be coming soon! It is in the shop available to purchase, and I will have the first ones on the table the first week or two of April in time for the spring season, and with another one coming that summer. I am eagerly looking forward to the 2017 rod releases and will fill you in on new releases. Thank YOU!

Texas Trout

So we have been pretty busy fishing and running guide trips on our home waters and just made in in today to update the site a little bit, so along with that comes a new blog post;

Took a trip down to Texas to fish the Guadalupe River with our pro staff member Jordan in New Braunfels, TX. We met up in San Marcos where she attends Texas State, and zoomed over to see what the "Guad" looked like. Water was up to 660CFS, which if you track tailwaters, that's pretty rough fishing, especially down there. So we stopped in at the Local Fly Shop there, grabbed some good Texas BBQ and then set off in hopes it dropped a little to Wade.

Unfortunately it had not, which was not a problem to be honest, because Fly Fishers go to extraordinary lengths to catch Trout. Winded down Devils Run dodging trees and wading in waist deep water tp find a few good holes but nothing was producing. So we headed up stream, back to Devil's run, and got struck dumb by a hard hitting hard fighting big son of a gun Rainbow. Check our Instagram for the photo.


Great trip, great friends, great beer, great river.


That's dang straight. We are bringing rod production to the UNITED STATES in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Hop on over to indigogo and help us. We can NOT do this without you.


We are addding two new rods to the lineup with this project. Get Excited. For every share on facebook or instagram, you are entered to win a Diamond State Fly Rod for free. 


God Bless,

Benjamin Woodard

Been A While

Hello Fellow Fly Fishers!

Sorry for the delayed blog post. The Brown Trout spawn here on the Little red has been absolutely amazing, as well as busy. So I've made plenty of changes here on the website as you can see! So take a look around and let me know what you think. Along with the changes on our website, there has been some changes in our Woodard Rod Company family. We have added two new Professional Staff members to our group. Jordan Dwyer from San Marcos, TX and Robert Hopkins from Strafford, MO. They both bring experience and of course fresh attitudes and hopes for this company and we are happy to have them. If you look at our fly rod page, you can see we have added two new series. There will be more info coming on those in December. It will knock you and your granny's socks off. Happy Holidays and talk at you soon!


October 13th

We apologize in the delay of fulfillment. Our graphite supplier botched a few rods and we are getting it sorted our on our end. This is not the start we imagined, and will be evaluating our suppliers for future shipments. We are not happy about this at all, and will of course make all orders as fast as possible. Thank you for being patient with us, and rest assured that we would not ship you anything botched, because we believe a quality rod, is what fisherman deserve. Thank you, and I hope to see you on the water soon.

Lovin' It

September 11th

  HOLY COW we had a huge week with our FLASH SALE. So excited to announce that we have completely sold out our first fulfillment and already working on our second. We are also starting to launch a few feelers into a monthly newsletter and discount club. Also, stay tuned on instagram and facebook tomorrow for a link to our guide application pro deal. Woodard Rod Company would not have made it this far without you all, and I am glad to have such a strong customer base and support!

Hit It


August 22nd

We shot our first photo shoot using Chase Wolf from Waco, TX. One full day on the river, with our partners at Lobo Landing Resort and Marina. We headed out at 6AM and got some amazing shots, which are now being featured around the site and on our Instagram and Facebook. Plenty of great young fish, and tons of stories to tell. These photo;s will be put to good use, and we were very fortunate to have such good calm weather. Thank you to all who came out. The test of our first rod was an utter success and was cherished by many of the guides. We are looking forward to more opportunities in the future for more shots!