Texas Trout

So we have been pretty busy fishing and running guide trips on our home waters and just made in in today to update the site a little bit, so along with that comes a new blog post;

Took a trip down to Texas to fish the Guadalupe River with our pro staff member Jordan in New Braunfels, TX. We met up in San Marcos where she attends Texas State, and zoomed over to see what the "Guad" looked like. Water was up to 660CFS, which if you track tailwaters, that's pretty rough fishing, especially down there. So we stopped in at the Local Fly Shop there, grabbed some good Texas BBQ and then set off in hopes it dropped a little to Wade.

Unfortunately it had not, which was not a problem to be honest, because Fly Fishers go to extraordinary lengths to catch Trout. Winded down Devils Run dodging trees and wading in waist deep water tp find a few good holes but nothing was producing. So we headed up stream, back to Devil's run, and got struck dumb by a hard hitting hard fighting big son of a gun Rainbow. Check our Instagram for the photo.


Great trip, great friends, great beer, great river.