Fly Fish Arkansas

Hey everybody!

Hope you all have been busy netting big fish and finding new friends on the river.

We have been running our pre sale now for about a week and are very excited about the future of this company here in Arkansas and beyond. We have introduced 3 more rods for pre sale with a restock of 6 weights on sale as well. We have received a LOT of good reviews for the pinnacle and the diamond state is still proving strong against the big numbers our customers and pro staff are putting up on their local rivers.


The filming of Fly Fish Arkansas is going great. We have just about wrapped up our filming on the White, and are hitting the Little Red Friday. If you see us up on the river this week, be sure to say hey! You may even end up on Camera.


I'd also like to say thank you for everyone's support through this process of growing an idea to a company, you have been very patient with our growing pains. It isa time and money consuming struggle but the end goal is the same as every fly fisher in this business - to see the world, full of fly fishers and conservationists, sharing the passion for the outdoors through the bend of a fly rod.


Until next time,


Ben Woodard