As Summer Ends we look forward

Hey everybody. Long time no talk. We've been busy here at WRC. As you've probably heard the pinnacle rods are in hand and fishing well. I am excited to announce officially that the White River, Little Red, and March Brown are set to ship in November. As you know, we will be doing a pre sale on these rods, which will be up and announced Sept. 1st. You may be thinking, that's a long time from now, but I assure you it's not because were slow at work. Were nailing it all down and designing them perfectly to fit the needs of every angler. Perfection does not happen over night.  The designs and descriptions are up to view now! And we look forward to bringing them to you ASAP.

In other news, we start filming the project "Fly Fish Arkansas." in September and continue filming through October. We will be fishing and filming on the White, Little Red, Caddo, and Little Missouri River. Using Straight out of Cotter, Riding River Guides, Beau's Guide Service, and Southern Fly Outfitters.  It will be a documentary on fly fishing the state of Arkansas. I am very pleased to announce the partnership between us, Alpen Reel Co., and Free Fly Apparel. We will be fishing their stuff hard over the months and look forward to bringing you content from those brands. Go check em out!


Thanks for reading and tight lines! -