This Year

Hey everybody

I apologize I have not been more active in posting in this blog. The constant onslaughts of this past winter and the flurry of spring activities have kept me and this company busy. But enough with that, lets get down to business.

2018 is shaping up to be the biggest year for us, which is of course good for the future of this company and more importantly the communities we embellish and support.

So far, this is what we have done;

  • Sold 186 Fly Rods in 20 Months of business.

  • Re- Invested 48% of profit into the Film Fly Fish Arkansas, and 50% of Profit into advancements in rod designs and nano-hexial graphite testing for a new fly rod débuting in fall 2018.

  • Fly Fish Arkansas premièred in March of 2018 in Fayetteville and had an attendance of ~145 people. Another première was hosted in Springfield, with another turnout nearing one hundred. A third première was hosted in cotter, benefitting the humane society. To Date, we have a combined viewing of 15,654 People both online (in the two weeks its been up-including commercials), and at a première.

  • This film has caused 128 congratulatory emails, over 86 shares, 542 likes, multiple new business partnerships, hundreds of conversations, and my favorite - 1 classroom showing of the film to students in public school.

  • In addition to the social media exposure, we had three articles done prior to the première. One in Fayetteville, one on the State of Arkansas' website, and one in Oklahoma.

  • We've welcomed 8 New Pro Staff to our team, and this list keep's growing.

  • We've added two new dealers this year in Arkansas as well

  • We have three more projects this year in the works, with a big release of a new fly rod - The Momentum.

  • The Momentum Project will be released on Kickstarter for a special price of $250.00 (MSRP $359.00).  All corking, wrapping, assembly, and design will be here in Arkansas. It will couple with a release of our sister company (coming this summer), and a clothing line dedicated to the Ozarks.

I'd also like to celebrate the nature of our business with National Small Business Week. Ice the code NSBW at checkout for 20% off your purchase.

And to think, were not even halfway done with the year. I look forward to the future, and the moments we will share on the water together.

Until Next Time,


Benjamin Woodard