The Off-Season

Everyone has one….. A season of taking a rest, focusing on personal matters, and refocusing for the next season… We are no different. I started this company when I was not even able to legally drink, and three years later, we are at a point I never imagined. I am proud of the progress, and humbled by the support, and I hope in this coming year we do not disappoint.

I’ve received a lot of questions as to the direction of this company and what we are going to do next… The answer is more complicated than you might imagine. So here are some updates:

MOMENTUM - This fly rod is highly anticipated and we know that, and are working hard to make sure it is up to the quality you deserve, and at a price you can afford. We have halted our overseas production for the time being, to focus on making rods here in Arkansas. That means finding a new supplier and producer, as we are still not able to financially invest in mandrels, graphite presses, and ovens for making graphite. With that being said, there are two producers of graphite blanks her in Arkansas; ArkRod and RevRod in the North Arkansas area. Both have been contacted about producing our fly rods. We have been in contact with ArkRod and they have been testing blanks and mandrels to fit our design and specs for this fly rod blank.

For those of you that have pre-ordered a momentum rod, we are working hard to meet your expectations, and will go above and beyond what was originally promised, to include a new product, the rod box, as well as a batch of a dozen flies professionally tied. You are not forgotten, and you will be the first to be taken care of.

THE ROD BOX - If you know me personally, you know I am very conceptual, imaginative, and I make my visions come to fruition one way or another. I have been searching for a new way to package and store rods. I have finally landed on a product to ship, protect, and store a Woodard Rod. It will be called the Rod Box, made of recycled wood, with a humidity regulator, and felted rod sections to hold your rod sections. This will be an add-on for all orders, and will be constructed by me personally. I will post a picture of the final product as soon as possible.

FILMS - With the success of the film Fly Fish Arkansas, we have been scratching our heads to plan out the next feature documentary on the Ozarks Fly Fishing Scene. On March 1st at 8pm, we will go live on social media to share that with you. I guarantee it will be a film that changes the way the world views the Ozarks, forever. In the meantime, please subscribe to our Youtube channel to get access to our releases as they become available -

I’d like to announce some new business partnerships for this upcoming season as well:

Smith Optics, Fayettechill, Cheeky Fishing

We are proud of the support the community has shown last year, and look forward to another strong year here at Woodard Rod Company.

With Respect,

Benjamin Woodard